On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, join more than 20,000 patrons at participating restaurants for San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s 17th annual Dining Out for Life® event. Help support the free, local HIV prevention and care services we provide to tens of thousands of individuals in our community each year.

About Dining Out For Life

Dining Out for Life is a local fundraising initiative for HIV/AIDS service organizations throughout the United States and Canada. On April 25, 2017, over 100 top Bay Area restaurants will donate 25% of the day's proceeds to support the free and local prevention and support services at San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This is San Francisco's 17th year celebrating Dining Out For Life, a way to raise awareness and support for the fight against HIV/AIDS in our local community
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Join more than 100 top Bay Area restaurant owners and make a real difference to those affected by HIV/AIDS. On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, more than 20,000 patrons will gather at participating restaurants for San Francisco’s 17th annual Dining Out For Life® event to help support the free, local HIV prevention and care services we provide to more than 16,000 individuals in our community each year.
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Volunteer as an Ambassador

You’re invited to join our Ambassador team and host an evening at a top Bay Area Restaurant with your friends and family. Ambassadors are matched to restaurants in groups of two—sign up with a friend and host the evening together. After everyone enjoys a fun night, up to 25% of their bill is donated to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s life-saving work.
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Why I Am an Ambassador

For Sergio Lopez, fighting HIV in our community means raising awareness, raising funds, and raising a glass with friends and family at a special event every spring. 
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Top 2017 Fundraisers
  1. Paul B. Tan (San Francisco, CA) - $5,175.00
  2. David Guzman (San Francisco, CA) - $4,125.00
  3. Gary Snow (San Francisco, CA) - $2,900.00
  4. Philip Besirof (San Francisco, CA) - $2,300.00
  5. Peter Ohm (San Francisco, CA) - $1,785.00
  6. Mary Cha-Caswell (Oakland, CA) - $1,300.00
  7. Dave Greenberg (San Francisco, CA) - $1,150.00
  8. Eduardo Crespo (San Francisco, CA) - $1,025.00
  9. Steven Abbott (San Francisco, CA) - $1,000.00
  10. David Cowell (San Francisco, CA) - $876.00
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